The Toni & Guy Casual Sculpting Powder is a newfound favorite of mine. I have super straight hair that needs body to make me look alive and well instead of an undead rocker, so I’m all for hair powders, as they provide a bit of body and a little bit of styling hold.

Of the hair powders that I tried and disliked, my main complaint was the powder itself was too heavy and sticky. Once you sprinkle it on your hair it’s kind of there and it’s not going anywhere. Which means styling isn’t so easy, and you sometimes end up with a greasy and matted look — not ideal.

With the Toni & Guy Casual Sculpting Powder, however, I almost had the opposite problem — the powder comes out so fine and transparent that I almost thought there wasn’t anything coming out, that is until I started moving my hands through my hair. Quickly and effortlessly my locks began to have texture, body, and instead of looking matted (and greasy) I had matte texture with lots of body.

I use this product with the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, and I couldn’t be happier with the duo. When I do my hair fresh out of the shower I usually end up with a bit of an unsatisfactory look, one that’s halfway between “done and presentable” and “not really a look.” Using these products together gives me a great look, and when I wake up the next morning my hair still looks great, if not better. I’m all for second day hair, and this gives me that without the muss and fuss.

Samples c/o Toni & Guy

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