The Shearling Jacket

Well, it’s another cold Monday in the city of New York. After a lovely weekend of sunshine and good times with friends, we’re all back at our desks and under our blankets. I’ve had this shearling jacket for a few years now, and I have to say, I haven’t worn it nearly as much as I have this last winter.


This was one of my happier finds on eBay. I’m a big fan of second-hand, thrift, and vintage, because I really enjoy the hunt — not knowing exactly what you’re going to find or when. There’s a little bit of adrenaline involved and I’m into it. Also, there’s the fact that you’re likely going to have a one-of-a-kind piece that’s exciting. I like clothes with stories.



My wardrobe has always tended to be a bit monochromatic and simple. For as long as I can remember I’ve had some sort of black t-shirt and jeans uniform, though the cut of the jeans has changed just as the neckline on the t-shirt. These days I’m partial to a lighter wash denim or a nice pair of black jeans, paired with a scoop neck shirt. Since it’s so cold today I paired it with a super warm flannel — $9 on sale at Urban Outfitters, oh hi.



The glasses were sent over by the kind fellows at Spy Optic, and I have to say, I’m pretty sure these were made for me. They’re constructed from handmade acetate with a metal logo and accent, and they’re done up in a “Happy Grey Green” glass — a proprietary blend that filters the wavelength of light that makes us happier. And I’m all for a boost of smiles.  You can pick yours up on the Spy Optic site for $129.95.



As I mentioned above I’ve always had a uniform of black t and jeans, and I’ve also had a propensity for finding the loudest footwear imaginable. These highlighter yellow, obscenely dayglo kicks are some recent purchases, and I couldn’t be more excited about them. While the color is shocking — and definitely grabs attention, which I didn’t quite account for — they’re still relatively simple, so you can pair them with just about anything. While footwear is more of an investment then a shirt, I think you get way more wear out of nice shoes, and for me, they always add a bit of zest to a dreary day.


Photo courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

Sunglasses courtesy of the brand. 

Jeff Smith

Jeff started in photography and short format video, and he's been at the forefront of the web tv movement. He’s worked on haute couture shoots in Paris, shot street style in Milan, and is currently developing a steady roster of beauty, fashion, and digital clients in NYC.