Paramount Cafe

Paramount is just down the street from my old apartment in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, and I have many fond memories here. For breakfast, the set up is cafeteria style — get in line, place your order, and then find your table. The whole thing is a bit chaotic and noisy, but is the perfect time to catch up with friends. Dinner is the complete opposite, with flickering tea lights and quiet chatter. What doesn’t change is the food — classic and perfect. The chicken burger with avocado is pretty perfect, and I while I usually get the banana pancakes for brunch, their omelets are also a good choice. For my meat eating friends, I have to say the turkey sausage is a must. Likewise, the fruit salad and homefries won’t lead you astray.

Jeff Smith

Jeff started in photography and short format video, and he's been at the forefront of the web tv movement. He’s worked on haute couture shoots in Paris, shot street style in Milan, and is currently developing a steady roster of beauty, fashion, and digital clients in NYC.