Somewhat removed from the rest of the city, the North End is the Italian heartbeat of the city. Hanover Street, the main drag, is packed with Italian eateries, most of which are delicious if a bit overpriced. The selection is amazing, so there are a variety of delicious meals to be had.

Check out Giacamos if you don’t mind waiting in line — this is one of the most famous restaurants in the city, so if that’s your thing, go for it. And get whatever is stuffed with pumpkin, because it will be ridiculously delicious. If you’re like me and find waiting in line a bit silly, Panza is a nice choice for a relaxed atmosphere and nice selection. If you’re looking for something fancy, Lucca is your best bet – chic and classic, always a failsafe choice.

Move away from Hanover and the crowds of tourists and slow walkers, and you’ll find Bova’s Bakery, open 24/7, and offering a fair selection of pastries, calzones, and breads. Tourists like Mike’s, known for their canoli, but Bova’s is just as good (if not better). Lulu’s is the place for cupcakes, though. Living in the area, grocery stores aren’t really the best – small, expensive, and with a relatively limited selection.

The Freedom Trail runs through this part of town, and you’ll find such attractions as the Old North Church, which is right next to a rather beautiful park featuring a statue of Paul Revere, whose house is just down the street and around the corner. For those of you who love history, this house definitely worth a visit, and is actually one of the only remaining examples of wooden, New England gothic architecture. Be sure to check out the graveyard on the hill, Copp’s Hill Burial Ground. Take a peek at the back of the tombstones — they actually reused the stones at one point, so front and back are for different people. Spooky!

Tourists love the North End, so you’ll have to find your way with some of the back streets if you want to get anywhere quickly. The neighborhood is safe and it’s right on the waterfront, so it’s always gorgeous. Easy access to the rest of the city with the Green and Orange Lines, although the trains do seem to take forever to show up, both at the Haymarket stop.

If you’re looking for the stronghold of the Boston accent, this is practically homebase. Wander around and soak it all in, if that’s your thing.

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