Maybe I’m a bit of a rebel, or maybe it’s just because I don’t work in corporate, but my idea of business attire may be slightly skewed. I think you can get away with jeans just about anywhere, it’s really just what you pair it with. Which is why on my last business meeting I decided to pull this neoprene t shirt.



Now, neoprene isn’t usually something you would think could be formal. This is the stuff for wet suits, after all! However, I love it because the fabric has such a rich depth to it that it looks way more luxe than it actually is. And since it retains its shape, there’s also a somber formality to it — it looks very well constructed, as with typical formal attire, but because it’s still an athletic material, it’s quite comfortable.


Now you’ll notice I’m rocking the exposed ankle trend. I do a reverse cuff on my jeans because I can never manage to get a normal cuff to look right — I always feel like a farmer stomping around Midtown when I try to cuff my jeans. Just fold and reverse tuck, and you get a slightly more relaxed look, without having to highwater tailor your jeans.


As I said before this was for a business meeting — so the thing that really seals the deal is the footwear in this outfit. I went with my favorite Bally shoes, and the mix of patent leather and super smooth leather really gives the whole thing the polish that it needs. Had I gone with anything else, the whole outfit would’ve been super informal, and that really wouldn’t have served my purposes. After all, it’s all in the details.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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