People come and go like the seasons; some leave you feeling warm and bronzed like the summer sun, others iced and chapped like a winter windstorm. I suppose in the end it’s all part of the larger realm of things, and it’s better to learn from it and move it along, but the end is always the hardest part of things, especially when they were good.


The summer was particularly beautiful this year, and I know I’ve been babbling nostalgic about it in the posts, but after running into someone I hadn’t seen in quite a while it seems like my mind’s on repeat.


I’ve been a fan on the Navajo pattern for quite some time, but I had never been able to find exactly what I was looking for. Trying to track it down was always on my mind and I always kept my eyes open, so when I finally found this option from Forever 21, I lunged and made the purchase without thinking twice.


If only it were that easy with life, that second sight perspective so easy to master when it comes to things that aren’t really important, but harder to grasp when it matters more. And while I have occasionally let my mind wander to “what ifs” about a pair of shoes, those thoughts often fade away quickly.


But with people it seems “what ifs” echo a bit more, perhaps because it’s easier to see the potential and the possibility. The seasons change and continually evolve, so maybe my current “the end” will blossom into an unforeseen springtime, after a brief winter dormancy.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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