It’s said that in life we really can never truly go back to repeat the past, and thus we must always live in the present with our eyes on the future. Or something like that. While travelling I do generally advocate for exploring as many new restaurants as one possibly can, there are definitely a few places here and there that stand to challenge this rule. My most recent repeat was The Dandelion Pub, a delightful English gastropub located in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square. Warm, charming, and incredibly welcoming, I was here two mornings in a row because I loved it so much.

A series of cozy rooms, this is a portal to London, with an intimate atmosphere that makes you feel as if you’ve stumbled down the rabbit hole with Alice to a world far removed from your everyday.

The menu is a stylish spin on traditional English food, and you’ll find everything from the traditional English breakfast to new-to-me, bubble and squeak.

“Bubble and what?” you might ask, as I did.

photo 2

Bubble and Squeak is a traditional English dish that is basically a hash made from leftover vegetables. The one of offer here was potatoes, onions, and I think some carrots and maybe parsnips. While I’m not exactly sure of the details, the end result was insanely delicious. Served up with a homemade steak sauce, this was a savory way to start the day that wasn’t too light, nor too heavy, and just right.

My friend and I each ordered personal kettles of tea, and I was sure to order lots of honey, which was served in a tiny pitcher. The details at the Dandelion are where this place really shines, and from the cutlerly to the complimentary sparklign watter served in a glass carafe, there is plenty of detail to take in.

photo 3

For dessert we decided to get the Buttermilk Panna cotta, which deatured macerated strawberries, lemon basil sorbet, and a cornmeal shortbread cookie. It arrived looking like the belle of the ball, and was a perfectly balanced array of flavors. The panna cotta was rich without being heavy, and the lemon basil sorbet provided the perfect counterbalance, the basil being a touch pungent in a way that brought down the sweetness from the berries. The shortbread had an amazing crunch, and was a nice finishing touch.

The Dandelion Pub is a newfound favorite, and I hope I get to return to Philadelphia just so I can take up residence once again.

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