The Canvas Biker Jacket

I’d like to say Spring has sprung but I’m not quite sure — the weather in NYC is a bit more manic than that. But temperatures were warmer this weekend, and there was even sunshine — a pleasant surprise in a Gotham that’s been a bit too gloomy the last few months.


I found this jacket at H&M a few years ago and it’s easily one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It’s simple yet the subtle details — like the suede shoulder panels — keep it from becoming boring, and the color is almost a neutral, so it goes with just about everything.



The glasses were sent over from SpyOptic a new-to-me brand that was a pleasant surprise. While my sunglass collection varies in price from $6.99 to these babies at $129.95, these are some of my favorite options and I would happily throw down the cash for them. They’re timeless with a classic retro-80s cut blended with just a touch of toirtoishell, and if you take care of them you’ll have them forever. Available on



I’m all for a pair of red sneakers, and my collection has slowly expanded over the years. These are my latest purchase, and I’m obsessed with the styling. Bright color, suede texture, and a snakeskin embossed pattern — well, they all add up to love.


Photo courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

Sunglasses c/o brand

Jeff Smith

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