A Touch of Cobalt: Flannel

My wardrobe is either black and taupe-grey, or it’s electric. There isn’t much middle room in there, it seems. Though these days I’m embracing the brighter colors more and more, and pulling out old favorites

The Merits of a Baseball Sleeve

For someone who has never played an organized sport in his life, I’m surprisingly all about athletic inspired clothing. Give me a baseball sleeve any and every day and I’ll be happy. This sweatshirt was

The Canvas Biker Jacket

I’d like to say Spring has sprung but I’m not quite sure — the weather in NYC is a bit more manic than that. But temperatures were warmer this weekend, and there was even sunshine

On Italian Time

It might have been more than a hot minute since I’ve lived in Italy, but there are some habits you just can’t unlearn. If we’re hanging out, there’s a pretty definite a chance I will