north end

The North End

Somewhat removed from the rest of the city, the North End is the Italian heartbeat of the city. Hanover Street, the main drag, is packed with Italian eateries, most of which are delicious if a


The North End has what seems like an infinity of Italian restaurants. I lived in the neighborhood for a summer, and I’m positive I’m still unaware of all the tiny-tiny ones that are tucked away

Volle Nolle

Sometimes life really is just about a good sandwich, you know? Volle Nolle in the North End is my favorite enabler in Boston — this is the place is where sandwich dreams are made and

Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe

The North End is known for one thing: canolis. Canolis, however, don’t really speak to me. Cupcakes do. Lulu’s is hands down the best cupcake shop in Boston, tucked away on Salem Street in the