Technicolor Grunge

I’ve always been a creature of habit, and I feel like I’ve shot various verisons of this outfit before. But it’s something I keep coming back to over and over, so here we are. Here

Bulk Up #oldspice

Hey #gymrat, how you doing? Everyone has their own motivations for working out. Mine are mostly stress relief — there’s nothing like getting away from the computer screen and just disconnecting. But let’s be honest

On Taking a Breather

2013 was quite a year. There were definitely lots of amazing firsts. My first photo show. A trip to Cancun. Working with amazing brands, dear clients. My first beauty campaign project. But there were also

Ivy League

I normally stay away from designs and logos in the clothes that I wear, but every now and again I find something that I can’t live without. I was in Hollywood when I found this

Casual Comfort

I like simple style. All suited and booted really isn’t me, and I’m a firm believer in understated luxury. For me luxe is about quality of materials, the feel of fabric, draping, fit, and, of