new balance

Half & Half

For someone who never played sports, I have a very strong appreciation for athletic-inspired fashion. Likewise, for someone who hated camo growing up, I’m surprisingly into the camo trend that was huge a while ago.

The Neoprene T: Spring Beginnings

Spring has sort of arrived in the city. Some days it’s frigid and grey, and others it’s warm and sunny. But the trees have started sprouting leaves, the grass is finally green again, and flowers

City Chic in Denim and Waxed Cotton

I think most people move to NYC and go through some kind of style evolution. Or at least the people who work in the creative industries. The idea of a uniform becomes more appealing, although

Normcore in the Garden

I grew up in New England, home of wasps and preps alike, and I can safely say I’ve never really dressed that way. My style is a little more European, with clean lines and a

The Birdseye Knit

I have no idea what the weather is doing, but I do know that I’ve been super busy and running around nonstop for the last few weeks. While dressing better definitely does improve my mood,

Everyday Athlete

Having lived in a climate with 4 separate seasons for my whole life, you’d think I’d be used to the time between fall and winter when it’s basically midnight at 5pm, and the first of

Indian Summer

The weather’s been rather beautiful in the city lately, and I’m certainly not going to be complaining about it anytime soon. Bright, sunny days are what I live for, and I’m still slightly mourning the