My first night in Copenhagen was spent wandering the city. I had a list of places to see and restaurants to visit, but when I’m traveling and fresh off the plane the last thing I want

Hudson Clearwater

While my relationship with New York is something of a love-hate roller coaster ride, no matter what happens, one thing I so love about this city are the endless surprises just around the corner, no

Giant Robot

On my recent trip to London, I fell in love with the Clerkenwell neighborhood, and one of my favorite spots for dinner in the neighborhood is Giant Robot, right in the middle of things on

Tre Scalini in Rome

Rome in June is a favorite time of mine — the city isn’t too crowded just yet, and the weather is glorious. I was in town when the mercury had started to rise and things

The Dandelion Pub

It’s said that in life we really can never truly go back to repeat the past, and thus we must always live in the present with our eyes on the future. Or something like that.

Mohawk Bend

If Brooklyn and Hollywood had a lovechild, I’m fairly certain it would be Mohawk Bend. I was out in LA for a work trip a little while ago, and I have to say, al dramatic

Antica Pesa

After living in Italy for a few years, I’m pretty picky about my Italian food, and I don’t really believe in paying a lot for a plate of pasta. Sorry, but I know what goes

Robert et Louise

There are few places as romantic as Paris, and likewise there are few places in the world with so many romantic little places to eat. One of my favorites in the City of Light, however,


Just the other day I was supposed to meet up with an editor friend who was in town for fashion week. We had decided on brunch, and were originally going to head to Hundred Acres,


As a resident of Midtown I think it’s ok if I call out the neighborhood on its lack of cool places to eat. That’s just not really Midtown. While there are some really good food

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