Cafe Pinson

When I’m traveling I usually have a bad habit of running myself ragged. I’m usually on a go-go-go schedule, where I have people to see and places to be. Exploring new neighborhoods is great, but

Big Apple

My friend and I were wandering around Copenhagen playing typical tourists as we took in the city’s landmarks. The Little Mermaid Statue? Check. Nyhavn, the charming old harbor? You know it. In between a list

Paludan Bogcafé

When I was little I was either lost in my own imagination, or in the pages of a book. I still love slipping away into another world, page by page. As I’ve gotten older my love


When you’re on the go in a city, especially if you’re visiting for the first time, you’re usually on the run but in need of good food, fast. When I was in London there was

Cafe Macchiato

Three words: maple pecan danish. That’s it. Review done. Because once you’ve had one of these, you’ll never want to eat anything else. Cafe Macchiato is a small chain here in New York City that

Tiara Cafe

I was recently in LA working on a video shoot. Our studio was located in Downtown LA, not necessarily the most glamorous part of the sprawling city, but one that served our needs for the


You know those times when you want comfort food, but you also kind of want to see and be seen? Taking the high road in getting over someone, a more sociable wallowing and all that

Hundred Acres

I’m a fan of finding new places the old-fashioned way — wandering by, taking a look at the menu, and then wandering in. The other day my friend and I were supposed to go to


Let’s talk about brunch. Specifically, brunch at Essex, right here in New York City, which is arguably the capital of the weekend tradition. I had never heard of Essex until I got a text from

Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery was always one of the few mysterious places in Boston for me. While I always lived in the center of the city, it was always just far enough from a Flour that I

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