Le Moulin De La Vierge

There are few things more representative of Paris than the bakeries that are scattered throughout the city. They are open early in the morning, offering up a delicious aroma in the cool beginnings of day. Each

Tu-lu’s Bakery

Responding to the growing demand and desire for high-quality gluten free products, Tu-Lu’s Bakery puts the heart back into gluten-free bakery. Dedicated to delivering baked goods that are both delicious and beautiful, special attention is

Patisserie Sadaharu

From the amount of times I’ve talked about pastries and macarons, it’s clear that when I’m in Paris I’m usually on a mission for sweets. One of my favorite discoveries is the Patisserie Sadaharu. There

Aki Boulanger

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Paris are the bakeries — the sweet, sweet boulangeries with their baguettes, pastries, and all sorts of dreams. The last time I

Bova’s Bakery

When you live in Boston you quickly notice that basically nothing is open. Ever. After 5pm it seems like the city shuts down. Hungry at midnight? Sorry. There’s really nothing for you. Likewise, being a


Ladurée is a little more “high class” than “no cash,” but it’s one of my favorites for what I consider an extravagant Parisian experience. Inventor of the macaron, Ladurée is a gilt jewel box of