Hotel Pulitzer, Paris

When I’m researching hotels there are a few things I look for. Location, price, and style. Is the place going to help my enjoy the city, or will I have to trek to faraway places

The Chamberlain Hotel

A few years ago I lived in Hollywood for about a month. I flew in from Italy, looking for something totally different than I had been used to, and well, I have to say, moving

Revel Resort

I recently went to Cancun, and the trip away was exactly what I needed. A bit of glitz, and just the feeling of being away. A little bit ago I was feeling the same way,

Le Méridien Etoile

Normally I’m right in the heart of things, but every now and again, I can’t find a place that’s up to my standards, so I venture out just a bit further than I might prefer,

Secrets The Vine Cancun

Giafrese does Spring Break? Oh hey! Well, sort of. Work has been great, but three months of working practically night and day, every day, well, it starts to get to you. This winter has been

The Roger Hotel Bar

As you can probably tell from the blog, when it comes to travel, I’m really all about how people and places make me feel. And it’s usually the unexpected places that leave the greatest impression.

The Gem Hotel, Chelsea

A small, boutique chain, The Gem, Chelsea is a great choice if you’re looking for something stylish and centrally located in NYC. I love the clean, European lines of the place, and there’s just a

Equity Point Hostel, Marrakech

Located in the heart of Marrakech’s medina, this hostel can be somewhat tricky to find for the first time. Asking along the way does help, and soon you’ll find yourself in this luxury-hotel-turned-hostel not wanting

St. Christopher’s Inns

Clean and contemporary without being cold or stagnant, St. Christopher’s is a newly, purposefully built structure right on a canal, just two stops from the Gare du Nord. Neatly situated near two metro lines, it’s