Most of the time I would say my style is relatively calm, cool, and collected. I consider myself someone who flies under the radar most times, but every now and again I get an impulse to add a little bit of swagger into my look. Just a little bit.


A pair of sunglasses are always key with this. I’m a big fan of shades, and I have a variety of different styles, but they’re all usually a bit oversized. I like these because they’re a little bit of an 80s throwback, but they’re not too costumey. I’m not really a fan of sunglasses (or glasses) that are huge and don’t fit your face — likewise too small looks weird — as it’s all about balance and proportion for me. Swagger is the same, just the right mix of confidence and nonchalance.


The cardigan was a $10 steal from the H&M sales rack, and I’m kind of obsessed with the color. A sort of navy blue meets eggplant, it’s a Royal Purple color that I don’t really see, but always gravitate towards. If every there was a color with swagger, it would be this, the historical color of royalty, right?


And to throw everything on its head, I decided to cuff my jeans and throw on a pair of athletic trainers. This is definitely outside of my usual comfort zone, as I prefer the slouchy jeans look, but that hint of exposed ankle is a little bit renegade, and I think I’ll be doing it more often, once the weather warms up. I’ve had the shoes forever, and the touch of yellow is my favorite. A mens shoe buyer at Bergorfs told me yellow shoes are the hardest to sell — which means they’re unique, and I’m totally ok with that.

The guys at Old Spice reached out to me to make an introduction to their new line of shampoos and hair styling products. For this post, I took inspiration from the line’s Kickstart shampoo, which can be yours for a budget friendly $7.99 on


Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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This post was sponsored by Old Spice.

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