When I visited the Amalfi Coast it was March during the sleepy down season. I was one of the only guests at the hotel where I was staying, and the towns along the coast were practically deserted. Great rates to be found, though, and a great view, that’s for sure! But this post isn’t so much about the place I stayed as that view.

I couldn’t sleep one night and instead of staying in and reading or listening to my iPod or tossing and turning on end, I ventured out to the harbor, which was just a few steps away. I like going for walks at night and early morning, when there’s nobody around — I love seeing a city when it’s asleep, when it’s quiet. (Always be safe when you travel though! Being aware of surroundings is critical.)

The light in Italy is pretty amazing, and this morning in Amalfi was unreal. A cloudy sky seemed to glow from the depths, like backlight cobalt glass. As the sun rose it turned a midnight color palette into bright golds and silvers, reflecting off of water and boats. I watched as the harbor came to life, with fishermen arriving and getting ready for the day. I watched as seagulls flew around and perched on the docks.

All in all, the experience was free. It was just being open to the situation, which could’ve been bad (a night of no sleep) but with a change in attitude became one of my favorite travel moments ever. And the nap I took that afternoon didn’t hurt, either.

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