The summer has finally hit, and as I’m writing this the sun is just beginning to turn in for the night. Swelter has set in, and I’m decidedly ok with that. Even if I did spend most of the day hiding in air conditioning. But sometimes that’s just what you need. I spent my afternoon enjoying the sunlight streaming into my apartment, and tried to kick back and relax. Which explains the overly wrinkled t shirt here. Sometimes you just can’t help being a little rough around the edges, and in the summer time, well, I think it’s ok just this once.



These are my favorite classics from Arnette. Classic black with a nice gloss and the perfect shape — not too big or stylized — they’re the perfect thing to grab when I need something safe and easy. And considering the sun is crazy now in the mornings and afternoons, some eyewear is critical to navigating these city streets.



The shoes were a gift from a friend, and you know, sometimes I really do believe things have a way of getting themselves to you. I had been wanting to pick up a pair of Dr. Martens, but wasn’t sure which pair to go with. At the same time I’ve also been obsessed with floral everything. And then these bad boys showed up and I knew it was fate.


T-Shirt H&M / Shorts H&M / Sunglasses Arnette / Shoes Dr. Martens

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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