Summer in New York City is pretty awesome — New Yorkers suffer through abominable snowstorms and wind, and our reward is a beautiful summer, albeit hot and humid on the subways. This year, however, has been either an everlasting monsoon, or a heat lamp from hell. It seems like sunshine and breezy days are few and far between, but I was lucky enough to get one day a few weeks back, which I was thrilled to enjoy on the High Line.

I’ve written about the High Line before (video below!) but I’m happy to report that things have grown and blossomed since I first talked about it. While it used to seem like the raised park was my own little secret, word is definitely out. Which is great — because now there are some pretty delicious food options to choose from, right in Chelsea near 15th Street.

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First, let’s start with dessert. Just because. @peoplespops supplies the fruit pops,and they are perfect. Like, really perfect. My first one was a blackberry mint — and the thing I love about this is they are just what they say they are. Fruit. Pops. No artificial sweeteners, no overly sugary buzz, just frozen fruit that is incredibly refreshing. My second was a peach pop that was basically summer on a stick.

For lunch I had a brisket sandwich from @delaneybbq. I’m going to need a minute here. You know, you might think “Brisket from a stand? In the middle of a park? In the city?” and slowly back away, which is great for me because it means I’ll just take your spot in line. The price was great, the portions were perfection, and the brisket itself was perfectly done. Tender, flavorful, and not at all fatty — this is the ideal summer sandwich. Plus, there are pickles. And a made-to-order soda bar. (Couture cola?)

So, in sum, this was a pretty delicious day for me. I was able to spend it out in a park, soak up the sunshine on one of the few beautiful days, and I got to eat. Without spending a lot of money. Which, in NYC and Chelsea, can sometimes be difficult.

For more information, click here to check out the Food section on the High Line site.

Here’s the video from way back when; things are way more lush now, which is pretty great.

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