I have so many plans, outlines, and drafts of things it’s a bit overwhelming. Outfit posts to write up, photos to edit, and facts to research on the latest beauty products I’m loving. Running a site is a lot of work, and when client work hits full steam, sometimes it’s too much to keep everything going. I’ve recently begun sticking to my editorial calendar, and it’s making things so much easier.



A little bit of foresight helps keep me on track, and while on the one hand it can sometimes be a bit too much to have 90 posts outlined, at least I know what I’ll be writing about once I finally find my inspiration again. I’ve read a lot by authors that say writer’s block doesn’t exist — that’s something I would half-disagree with. Because while yes, writing is definitely a job and you need to sit yourself down and write every day, sometimes there just isn’t anything left when you’ve been pushing your creativity in so many other directions.



Much like my freelance schedule, this outfit is a good example of my usual uniform. Streamlined, simple, and keeping things classic in black. When I don’t have to think about what I’m wearing, I can focus on the million other things I have to deal with. Vendor not replying? Client site malfunctioning? Photos looking eerie instead of editorial? I can deal with any of those problems when I don’t have to worry whether or not I’m presentable.




I think park of freelancing is learning how to compartmentalize various parts of life. While I love clothes and shopping, it’s no longer the habit or hobby it used to be. While I used to love browsing on a weekly basis, now it’s something I save for particular moods. Do I need anything new these days? My overflowing New York closet would say no — but at the same time, I find I keep investing in pieces that are simple and easy.  Much like that writer’s block that seems to pop up when I’m stretched too thin, my penchant for shopping waxes and wanes depending on what’s going on in life (and whatever state of chaos my freelance bank account is in).




ASOS polo / SpyOptic sunglasses c/o brand / H&M jeans / ROOS sneakers

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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