One sunny afternoon I was on an adventure with friends in the Lower East Side, and we fortuitously discovered Stanley’s Pharmacy, a wonderful neighborhood shop that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

Founded by Stanley George, who worked in big NYC pharmacies like Rite Aid and Duane Reade, as well as in Hollywood as a one-on-one for Hollywood A-list celebrities, Stanley’s shoppe is the perfect mix of these two worlds, offering all of the services of a modern pharmacy, as well as the traditional one-on-one services of an old fashioned health shoppe, complete with natural and herbal remedies.


Feeling a bit sluggish after a night out on the town, we ordered up the one of the many tonics on offer. After discussing how we were feeling, Stanley himself made us a delightful tonic. Packed with bitters, fresh ginger, and a blast of sparkling water, this was a refreshing, crisp beverage that instantly helped us feel less bloated and re-energized. The perfect pick me up after a night on the town.

We were initially drawn to the aesthetics of the place, but the personal service was really what impressed. Stanley’s Pharmacy has kombucha on tap, a menu of tonics, and with Dr. George on hand working behind the bar customizing drinks, you’ll be taken care of no matter your necessary remedy.

For something totally different, be sure to check it out at:
31 Ludlow Street
(corner of Hester)
New York, NY 10002

More information at

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