We’ve reached that point in the year when the tides turn, winter starts to fade away, and summer finally feels just in reach once again. The air might still be a bit chilly, but the sun is out and the t-shirts are on, albeit under a cardigan or light jacket. And bolder souls may be breaking out the shorts, and while I find that just a tad agressive, I do applaud the effort.

This surge in newly exposed skin also means an onslaught of pale, sun-deprived skin that, frankly, can be a bit jarring. More cadaverous than #callmemaybe.

To help me bide my time until I’m properly beachside, and to not give myself a fright in the mirror (Hey Caspar!) I’ve turned to St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. This was actually introduced to me by a makeup artist friend in Paris, so you know it has to be good, right?

The color on this is the most natural I’ve come across, and the smell is pretty on point — it doesn’t smell like chemicals or medicinal, both of which I’ve come across when trying out samples.

The mousse glides on pretty easily, just be sure you exfoliate and moisturize before applying. Dry skin will soak up color differently, and instead of looking bronzed you may look busted. Take care of your skin and it’ll take care of you!

Apply this overnight and when you wake up you’ll look like you had a cat nap at the beach. Color builds up the more you use it, so keep applying until you get to the color point you’re happy with.

At $33 a bottle the price might seem steep, however, what you’re paying for here is quality. Top notch color that lasts means you might invest a little more up front, but it’ll last longer.

Product sample courtesy of brand.

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