I love The Buttery in Boston’s South End neighborhood because it’s almost three delicious restaurants in one.

The cafe portion of The Buttery is set up so you can grab a seat in the windows and enjoy the view outside, or even grab a table out front — perfect in the warmer weather. Window seats line the front and sides, so you can look out to the brownstone lined street in Boston’s most beautiful, and my favorite, tree lined neighborhood.

Through the back is the bar, which is actually my favorite place to sit. Never one to make a reservation, I always found myself seated in the same spot right at the back, last minute. I think this is the best because you get to people watch without being a total creeper, and there’s opportunity for conversation with a variety of people. The last time I was here I ended up discussing literature with a Harvard professor and Nantucket art collector who just happened to be sitting next to me.

Downstairs is more of a dining room, and it’s perfect for a date spot. I sat down here once, right after I had moved into my apartment, and while it wasn’t exactly romantic as it was me and three friends, all dusty and tired and in need of some major comfort food, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate the atmosphere. A low slung ceiling makes it cozy, and the fireplace heats things up. There’s also a bit of a view into the garden out back which means you feel like you’re eating in your very own fancy townhouse.

So. The food. Where to even begin. This place is basically food porn, so bring your appetite and surreptitiously snap a photo on your phone, because it’s that good.

Let’s start with breakfast. The Buttery has that small, cafe-next-door look and feel, and the coffee is top notch. The variety of the breakfast offering is what sold me at first — there’s basically anything and everything you could ask for. I always went with the Oatmeal Terrine, which is organic oats cooked in soy milk, dried fruit, flax seeds, toasted nuts, fruit, and a bit of bran. It’s power in a cup, basically. Also notable is the Buttery Breakfast Sandwich, which is scrambled eggs, cheddar, and bacon on your choice of biscuit, bagel, or croissant. I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to tell you it’s not really a choice — tgo with the buttermilk biscuit.

Dinner, I’ll be honest, I never really ventured out — I always got the chicken dinner, which was cooked to perfection every single time, and served with delicious veggies. Wait, I also did get the meatloaf that one time and it was pretty much an epiphany served with roasted potatoes and a bit of gravy. Simple, delicious. The menu has a bit of everything, so don’t be afraid of trying it all — I’ve never been let down by the place before.

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