Snuggling Into The Season

Most people think of September as “back to school,” and it’s when so many of us instinctually head back to the stores to buy clothes for the new season. A new jacket, a new pair of pants. That kind of thing. For those of us in the industry, la mode darling, it means the start of Fashion Week. Which is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s actually about a monthlong series of events.



For me, Fashion Week means a return to intention in dressing. I’ve laid aside my usual casual wear, and I gravitate more towards jeans and long sleeves. Black, of course, but I continue to play with texture, fit, and style. While the industry of course venerates the ubiquitous skinny jeans, I find myself wearing these jeans with a bit more of a flare than I’ve otherwise worn. They’re tailored perfectly and highlight my best asset, but they’re also a bit looser, a bit more comfortable.


Paired with an oversized cashmere sweater vest, the look is a bit more bohemian than I might normally wear, but it’s insanely comfortable, and the perfect piece to snuggle into as the weather continues to shift. Shuttling between meetings it’s also a great extra layer to keep warm without sweltering in, as sometimes jackets can do in this weather.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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