Sette Secoli

I came across this place one night with friends while I was living in Florence. Unfortunately, I never found it again until I was leaving the city, several months later. To say the least, it was the first place I returned to when I was back. A small, hole-in-the-wall type pub, Sette Secoli delivers my favorite late night snack in Florence: the empanada. Definitely not a local treat, but a delicious one nonetheless. I haven’t had a go at the other options on the menu, but I have a feeling they won’t let you down. Friendly service at the bar, and a laid back atmosphere make this place great for a quiet stop off in night.

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Jeff Smith

Jeff started in photography and short format video, and he's been at the forefront of the web tv movement. He’s worked on haute couture shoots in Paris, shot street style in Milan, and is currently developing a steady roster of beauty, fashion, and digital clients in NYC.