Before I moved to New York I called the South End in Boston home, and even today, it still feels very much like a homey retreat.  This is a neighborhood of charming brownstones and my apartment was even nestled on the top floor of one, with a big bay window surrounded by the green canopy of trees, just across the street from the ballet academy. It was something of a dream to live there, and while I don’t get to visit as much as I would like, I’m always glad when I get the chance.

One of my recent discoveries when I was back in town for the holidays is Sault, a men’s boutique in the South End of Boston offering clothing, stationary, grooming goods and curated vintage.

This is Boston, so there is a definite slant towards preppy and nautical inspiration, but I think there’s something for everyone, as there are lots of things I wanted, with my more New York City style, while also finding things to buy for family members, who are decidely more traditional in their styles.

The grooming section here is pretty fun, as there’s a variety of artisan brands that I hadn’t heard of before, as well as favorites including Ursa Major, which I’ve discussed on the site before.

The shop owner is a very kind and welcoming gentleman; not sure quite what you’re looking for? he’s the perfect source of information and styling advice.

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