Baths have always been a “recovery” thing for me. When I ran track in high school (for like 3 weeks) I would come home every day after practice and soak in epsom salts. When I first moved to New York and the city was just beating me down, into my old fashioned soaking tub I would crawl, and just soak away.

The Russie Blanche Banya Detox is a super luxurious bath and shower oil, and it’s definitely upped my recovery game.

This is a concentrate of natural active ingredients that combines revitalizing essential oils with softening plant oils. The idea is to detox your mind and body, while toning the body. Some of the ingredients are sweet almond oil, which moisturizes and nourishes; macadamia oil is rich in oleic and palmitoleic acids, which make the skin soft and supple; and Siberian Golden Root tones and revitalizes.

The essentials in this are:

  • Juniper, which detoxifies and stimulates the mind
  • Siberian Pine, which fortifies and energies
  • Mandarin, which is an antiseptic and stimulates circulation
  • Amyris, which helps decongest

They say you can use this as a bath oil to apply to wet skin when showering, or you can add it to a bath. I did the “apply while showering” thing and while I got some of the benefits, the process was slippery and a bit overwhelming. Adding just a bit to one of my baths, well, this was a dream.

The scent on this is a bit “natural” and has an almost medicinal quality to it. There’s a camphorous feel that gives it a spa like quality, and if you add this to a warm bath you’re really going to get the full effect of things.

The essential oils are lush and revitalizing, and the oils combine to leave my skin feeling amazing. This is truly a little luxury, and I know I’ll feel amazing while I’m soaking my worries away. That said, be sure to wipe down the bath after you’re done, otherwise things will be slippery and potentially dangerous for the next person.

This is kind of expensive, but you really only need a tiny bit each time, since the quality is supreme. A little bit goes a long way, and while it might seem expensive, I think it’s a good investment.

$95 from Russie Blanche

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