I feel like climbing things is an inherently toursity thing to do. What is it about flying halfway around the world that makes us want to scale the tallest tower and take stock of things? Novelty and adventure, I would imagine. The Rundetårn in Copenhagen is one such novel adventure I would highly recommend.

When I was here the day was a bit hazy and overcast, with some light rain. We paid our admission fee and slowly wandered up the tower, taking time to step into teh side exhibits to learn a little bit of history about the tower and the city. There aren’t that many stairs in this tower — the centrla ramp takes you the majority of the way from top to bottom, which makes for a more leisurely journey up.

The views of the medieval part of the city are quite magnifient, and even though it was lightly raining when we got to the top, it was still a lovely adventure.

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