When I fly I always try to stay hydrated. I drink as much water as I possibly can, and I also do my best to moisturize while I’m in the air. Arriving feeling like a slab of salt-cured jerky isn’t high on my travel to-do list.

One of my recent indulgences is the Rodin Crema. I love it because its loaded with essential oils, and the scent is super luxe while also being refreshing. I’m not a fan of how airplanes always smell so artificial, almost like hospitals. Kind of a jet set buzz kill. Since the Rodin Crema is loaded with natural ingredients, including jasmine and orange flower, the smell is less in your face, and you get a bit of aromatherapy as well. The scent is soothing and calming, which is perfect since I’m not a fan of turbulence.

As for how the product feels, well that’s just indulgent. Loaded with jojoba, shea butter, macadamia oils, glycerin, and avacado butter, just to name a few, this hand cream is super rich, and absorbs deeply into the skin. When you first put it on you might feel like you’re going to have messy, greasy hands, but give it a minute, rub your mitts together, and in no time there’s zero residue.

The larger sizes of this hand cream are a bit pricey so I don’t use this as an everyday thing, but a little bit goes a long way. I snagged a travel size and it lives in my carry on, so I always have something to look forward to when I’m on the plane.

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