There are few places as romantic as Paris, and likewise there are few places in the world with so many romantic little places to eat. One of my favorites in the City of Light, however, is Robert et Louise. While I’m normally not one for the “communal table” style of dining, there was something so inherently charming about Robert et Louise that I would still chart it up as a destination date spot.

Tucked away in the Marais Nord, Paris’ 3eme arrondissement, Robert et Louise is a bit rough around the edges in that perfectly charming way. This isn’t some bougie set up, neither is it bobo, but it is, at least to me, authentically wonderful. The place has been here forever, and you can see it in the well-loved grit its acquired over the years.

I went here with a friend and we were seated at a round table with several other groups of people. The assortment was odd, but we were all in our own little worlds, so the atmosphere was unusually private. That said, I suppose with a group of Germans, a group of Spaniards, and a group of Anglophones, everyone is more or less free to speak comfortably.

My friend and I both ordered the duck confit, and it was delightful — deep and succulent, it had a savory, salty crusty skin that was flavorful and added a wonderful element of texture to the meal. We split the terrine de foie gras, and it was incredibly smooth and rich.

Now, I know the idea of “duck liver” might not appeal to some, but I highly, highly recommend it — at least give it a try once in your life. And, perk here is it comes with a glass of white wine.

Robert et Louise is known for its huge, open flamed grill. This fills the space with a heavenly aroma, and gives the place a very charming, farmhouse-rustic atmosphere, even though you’re right in the middle of the city. That said, this is perhaps a destination better suited to the colder months, as you can cozy up inside, and really savor the moment. Or, you can savor the roasted potatoes, which are done up in duck fat.

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