Pulled Duck Sandwiches at Ma Poule (Torvehallerne Market)

Sometimes it’s the quick and easy eats that are my favorites; on my recent trip to Copehagen a friendly stranger told us we had to find the pulled duck sandwiches at Torvehallerne Market. I’m sorry, did you say pulled duck? I want to go to there. I thought, unable to contain my enthusiasm.

So my friend and I found the market, which wasn’t too far from the hotel we were staying at, and we starting perusing the stalls. I loved this little adventure because we got to see a variety of different food items — from traditional Scandinavian to Spanish — each with their own delicious looking wonders.


But trust me, you have to head to Ma Poule, the French eatery, and you’ll find one of the most heavenly sandwiches I think I’ve ever enjoyed. This is a simple construction — a fresh baguette sliced in half with a bit of arugula and a swipe of specialty mustard, which all lets the star of this show shine — the roasted pulled duck.


I went with my friend and while we had the option of splitting a sandwich, I wanted to indulge… in hindsight, I might have been more comfortable sharing the sandwich and getting a drink. But, to each his or her own — either way it works.

My friend Kate from GradientCreates was recently in the city, and shared this delectable photo that captures the experience perfectly:

If you’re looking for a similar experieince in New York City, be sure to check out Chelsea Marketwhich I visited in this video here. The equivalent in Paris would be getting crepes at the Marché des Enfants Rouges.

Jeff Smith

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