Garnier Naturals

Brand Launch

Creative Concept, Casting, Art Direction, Prop Styling

Soothe, purify, and refresh your skin with Garnier’s new formulas made with Rose Water, Green Tea, and Aloe Juice. 96% naturally-derived skincare formulated with no parabens, no silicones, no dyes, and no sulfates. To launch their natural skincare line, Garnier desired a campaign that was youthful, fun, and relevant to a Millennial target, while standing out in a competitive market saturated with greenwashing. I created a multifaceted creative plan to establish the line in an eye-catching, digital-first way, while respecting the integral natural ingredients. Creative focus was to celebrate the natural ingredients, but to treat them in a modern, pop art approach, to keep things feeling fresh and modern. I looked to social media trends, tapping into trending holographic and mermaid vibes to create a suite of product shots, lifestyle images, stopmotions, gifs, and short videos. For casting and wardrobe, I created a visual reference to the nearly-natural concept, selecting a group of girls with more edge than the usual Garnier girl, accenting their personalities with a modern and trend-conscious styling of sequins, shredded denims, and pastel tones.

Photographer Lena Nicholson

Props & Wardrobe Cara Eisel

Production Starr Media

Agency Annex88