It’s been a long and hectic year or so. Lots of projects have been in the works for some time, invariably delayed by anything and everything. I’ve always been one to work on a few projects at the same time, moving between them when inspiration or focus would begin to wane. The downside of this sort of process is that sometimes it feels like you have nothing to show for it — you’re always in the middle of something. The plus side, however, is that when things are finished you have a lot of new content to push out, and it feels so much more rewarding.


But part of this work process is learning how to focus and keep things in order. Move too far to the left or right from your intended path and you’ll be blown off course. But that’s also part of the challenge, and it’s where inspiration can also enter unexpectedly.


A clarity of mind is needed. Learning how to set up editorial calendars, how to organize project drafts, and even maintaining an inspiration archive. You have to learn to think not just vertically — from start to finish — but also horizontally — combining a variety of different inspirations into a singular end result.


Not everyone works this way, for sure, but it’s the process that works for me. It’s taken time and trial and error to sort it out, but it’s sort of coalesced into a rhythmic routine. And I’ve also learned how to enjoy the process, which is possibly the most important part of creative work.


Shirt from ASOS / Jeans by Levis / shows from ?ohW Shoes

Photos by Falcon Griffith – @_falconcara_