I’ve always had an appreciation for jackets and evening wear, but the reality is, day or night,  I’m most often in a black t shirt and jeans. My crowded closet is stuffed with blazers in every color and style, but I rarely wear them, as the events I’m going to are always more casual gatherings. But in an attempt to dress things up, I’ve started paying attention to the details, looking for opportunities to add a bit of flair.


Combining my casual habits with a desire for something a bit more dandy, I decided to pair my usual jeans with an evening blazer. The two are brought together with a linen shirt, which is in a natural linen color, a good alternative to the standard white. A pair of suede shoes toes the line between casual and put together, and adds a nice touch of color.


This jacket is from H&M, and is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a classic black, but get up close and the textural floral motif reveals itself. In the evening you don’t notice it unless you’re up close, and I love that. Details should come alive when you engage with someone one-on-one, and I think menswear is best when the details speak more than the overall look.


The linen shirt keeps things casual, and I love the raw, nubby texture of the material in contrast with the formal jacket. Leaving the top button undone and leaving the shirt a little messy gives it a bit of character, which is the whole point of linen for me.

H&M Blazer / H&M Linen Shirt / Levis Jeans / Urban Outfitters Shoes

Photos by Falcon Griffith – @_falconcara_