I grew up in New England, home of wasps and preps alike, and I can safely say I’ve never really dressed that way. My style is a little more European, with clean lines and a general absence of pattern, unless it’s flannel or plaid. Recently I’ve noticed I’ve been incorporating more preppy elements into my look, and this outfit is a pretty good example of that.


I doubled up my button ups here, layering a plaid from American Eagle over a chambray from H&M because it was a little bit colder, and I love the idea of the chambray collar/cuff popping through at the neck and wrists. It adds a bit of unexpected texture, and because they’re both slim cut shirts there isn’t too much extra bulk or baggage. The watch strap adds just a touch of contrasting color to keep things from being too monochromatic.


The shoes are from New Balance, and are a recent purchase intended to replace a pair of similarly hued shoes I had in high school. These are a bit of “normcore” as a stylist friend dubbed them — the resurgence of traditional items done up with a modern or avant garde twist. Here the electric color makes them a little more catwalk and a little less civilian.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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