As a bit of a devotee to the “no poo” movement, wherein you stop shampooing your hair with products that contiain sulfates and all kind of toxic nasties, in exchange for beautiful, non-greasy hair that sorts itself out with just a bit of water, I really don’t have a ton of shampoo in my stockpile. I do, however, have the Naked Naturals Awapuhi & Lavender Shampoo on hand because its the perfect shampoo for when the city smog has finally taken its toll on my hair.

While the amount you need depends on how much hair you have, my floppy bangs and I only need about a pea sized drop. Seriously. For you penny pinchers, this is a great option.

I love the smell. It’s refreshing and slightly exotic without making me smell like fruit punch or like I should be wearing pink body glitter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I prefer a more subdued shampoo experience. I wouldn’t say there’s a true lavender scent here, it’s definitely more of the Awapuhi, which I guess is kind of an abstract reference, so I would sum it up as smelling like a fancy spa treatment. Low key, kind of a quiet, and a bit of an indulgence.

I’ve had this in my shower for about four years now, and considering I got my first bottle at CVS, I think this is a great, high quality yet easily accessible product. It’s also at a price point that you can try it out without worrying about throwing away your cash, which is also part of the reason I tried it out in the first place.

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