Part of the reason I started High Class, No Cash was because I felt like there was a void of high quality, high impact travel content out there. I was looking for not only great information, but also great visuals.

I was contacted by James Taylor-Foster regarding his new book, “Monet: Colour in Impressionism.” He had found the the webisode where I visit the Musée de l’Orangerie, and thought it was great — oh hey, it’s always nice to hear from fans! Here’s the promo video, where HCNC gets a bit of play!

Anyway, his book launches today, and I think it’s a great for those of you traveling to Paris, especially those of you looking for more information on art and museums. It’s beautifully designed and has tons of photos, videos, and even illustrations. You can pick it up on iTunes here.

Not gonna lie, I can see myself sitting in a cafe in Paris, flipping through the pages on my iPad.

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