So I’ve talked a lot about facial toning sprays, and for those of you out there who are a little more old school and still into cotton balls, then this is your absolute must have.

The Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner was a pleasant surprise, and while I thought I was going to test it and forget it, I’ve actually kept it around, and am super into it.

This is a highly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti0bacterial toner that is perfect for all skin types, and will help in the treatment and prevention of acne.

So, to use, find yourself a cotton ball, apply a little bit, and then gently swab along that chiseled face of yours. One of the reasons I love using this product is because you get immediate visual confirmation that the product is working — just look a the grease and grime that accumulates on that cotton ball. It’s gross, but it’s also oh so satisfying.

I particularly like this one in the summer when the city is super gross and sweaty, and I’ll use this two or three times a day, and my skin looks and feels clearer, and because it’s highly moisturizing, my skin never becomes dull or stripped, which is critical to giving good face.

This is made in the USA, is 97% organic, certified vegan, and it smells insanely good. I’m big on fresh lavender, which can be a hard scent to find in products, but I wouldn’t be opposed to using this toner as cologne. Just saying.

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