The blue hour is when the last bit of daylight fades and the sky turns an unreal shade of blue, just before giving way to night and the namesake lights that illuminate the city. This is my favorite time in Paris, and it’s perfect for a walk along the Seine. I do a lot of walking when I get to a new city — it’s how I get to know a place, how I figure out where everything is and how it all fits together.

Walks along the Seine are some of my favorites, and I’ve spent many hours walking up and down the banks daydreaming, weaving thoughts and ideas into future plans. Or, you know, just enjoying the moment.

My usual route starts at Hôtel de Ville and heads towards the Eiffel Tower, passing the Louvre on your right. Time it just right, and you’ll be in for a brilliant spectacle as the tower switches on its “sparkle.”

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