Lebon Toothpaste

For me, luxury is in the details. I don’t think everything needs to be over the top or expensive, but a well placed splurge is one of my strategies for living life a little more luxe. One thing I do like splurging on is toothpaste, which admittedly isn’t something you usually think about as a luxury item, but hear me out.

First thing in the morning, what do you do? Brush your teeth. Right before bed? You brush your teeth. What better times to treat yourself than these? I’m currently all about the toothpaste brand Lebon. Made in France, this is luxury toothpaste brand delivering not only a beautiful product, but a tasty one too.

Of the three flavors, my favorite is the MINT-REGLISSE, which is a refreshing mint with just a hint of licorice. I think the flavor is subtle yet different enough it’s something I look forward to. None of that harsh, chemical taste other toothpastes usually have, either.

The FRESH MINT is also a great option, although a little more standard fare for toothpaste. Personally, I’m not crazy about the CINNAMON, but that’s my preference. It’s a bit too intense for me, but if that’s your thing, you’ll love this one.

The packaging on these are gorgeous, and you won’t mind leaving them out on your bathroom counter. Bright gold with a simple, well designed logo means they’ll stand out in best way possible.

Each tube is $11, and they seem to last for a long while.

Pick your flavor over at BeautyHabit.com 

Product samples courtesy of the brand.
Jeff Smith

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