Le Progrès

For me, Le Progrès is the quintessential streetside cafe in Paris. Located on an intersection, it offers maximum exposure for that lovely Parisian sport: people watching. Located in the 3rd arrondissement, sometimes known as the Haute Marais, the clientele here is decidedly bobo, or bourgeois-bohemian. Hipster-chic, if you will. As for looks, the places offers your classic wicker tables and tiny tables, with a blanket thrown into the mix for the colder months. Great for idling away the time over a cup of coffee. For a cappuccino and a croissant I spent 3.50€, which I found to be relatively inexpensive for Paris.

Jeff Smith

Jeff started in photography and short format video, and he's been at the forefront of the web tv movement. He’s worked on haute couture shoots in Paris, shot street style in Milan, and is currently developing a steady roster of beauty, fashion, and digital clients in NYC.