The oldest bistro in the Bastille neighborhood, Le Bistrot du Peintre was established in 1902 and is an Art Nouveau gem serving up delicious and traditional French food.

Paris is known for its Art Nouveau style, from the famous Metro signs to the Eiffel Tower, and when I was searching for somewhere to find traditional French food, I was lucky enough to stumble across the Bistrot du Peintre. Located in the 11th Arrondissement, the Bistro is a small establishment with sidewalk seating, a charming bar area, and a petite restaurant. Packed with locals, the only English I heard in the place was between my friend and myself, as we were food-geeking out over the menu. From foie gras and tart tatin to beef tartar and duck confite, the menu is both hearty and varied. The dessert menu is also quite lovely, and the profiteroles are the (massive) house specialty and not to be missed.

I went with the duck, which was perfectly moist on the inside, while crisp and salty on the outside, and served with potatoes and a nice side of greens. At 14€ I felt it was both a good value for the amount of food you get (more than enough), and for the quality, which was top notch.

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