Las Ramblas is a minuscule tapas bar nestled on West 4th street, just between Greenwich Village and the West Village. The entire space is about the size of a New York studio apartment, but it’s super cozy and charming, and I’ve never really had to wait to find a seat — the last time I was here I sat at the bar, where I was still able to order from the full menu. Dishes are all about $5-$8 each, and I recommend ordering three different plates to share with a friend. It really is the perfect amount of food, and a great value. Everything comes out quick as a whip, and the service is super fast and friendly — don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question about the menu or a wine selection. My favorite are the piquillos con morcilla, which are red peppers stuffed with morcilla, saffron rice, and manchego cheese. Now, full disclosure, morcilla is blood sausage… now, full disclosure, these piquillos are some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. The manchego sort of takes over and gives the dish a warm, rich flavor, and the rice gives it great texture. The morcilla gives the dish great depth, and yet the flavor also sort of hovers throughout like smoke, without being smokey. It’s really hard to describe, but it’s really just a whisper of delicious flavor throughout. The calamari was some of the most flavorful I’ve ever had, and had a rich, substantive flavor all it’s own — none of that bland, chewy stuff here, which is usually my complaint about calamari elsewhere. The croquetas de jamon were hot and delicious, as were the empanadas. However, I’m not sure I’d order the empanadas again — they were fine, but I feel like the other options on the menu have more to offer. As in, I’m ready to go back and explore that menu further.

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