Based in Los Angeles, Capsule Parfums perfectly captures the West Coast blend of carefree nonchalance and rocker grunge. The brand manufactures small batches of fragrances, each in essence a “capsule collection” of inspiration, thought, and scent. Capsule recently launched its debut collection of 5 scents, and the team was kind enough to reach out with some samples for review.

My favorite of the bunch was Jaunt, and I’m quite enamored with this decidedly ambiguous floral scent.

Capsule describes Jaunt as a “sweet, woodsy accord,” with notes of black vanilla pods, silken rose, orchid flora, ylang ylang, sweetgrass, leafy tobacco, atlas cedarwood, and tamboti wood.

When I wear this, the first note that I get is definitely the black vanilla. It’s a bit metallic, and a bit ambiguous, but it’s warm without being heavy, and vanilla without being feminine. No hint of body wash here, and this toes the line quite well for me.

The individual notes don’t really stand out for me, but I like the overall effect — it’s fresh and floral without being too “old lady” or too feminine. This is a perfect date scent for me, as it’s a bit unexpected and as time progresses the scent really unfolds. The cedar and tobacco aren’t incredibly dark or heavy, but provide a nice warmth.

This wears like a skin scent on me, not too much sillage, which I appreciate, as I think this could get a bit heavy if the projection were stronger. It’s a subtle fragrance that is really quite enjoyable.

Capsule Parfums says “perfume is for badasses,” and I have to say, I kind of agree.

$38.00 for a .50oz/15ml

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