The weather’s been rather beautiful in the city lately, and I’m certainly not going to be complaining about it anytime soon. Bright, sunny days are what I live for, and I’m still slightly mourning the passing of summer. It always goes so quickly, no? So to celebrate this last bit of warmth, I threw on one of my favorite H&M t-shirts from this summer. It’s basically weightless, and the extra bit of translucency means it drapes beautifully without making me look like I’m smuggling a watermelon, or hiding a beer belly.


These are the jeans that I’ve lived in for the last few months, nonstop, and they’re my trusty Levi’s 510s. I’m all about the light wash, and I think they’re still pretty well put together and presentable — mostly because of the fit — while still being slightly casual, since they are jeans.


I’m all about red footwear, since the majority of my clothes are actually pretty somber and simple. Kick it up a notch, you know? (har har.. #puns) The New Balance 710 has a bit of a hiking boot feel to it, but it’s still a bit sporty.


Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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