While people tend to think I live in Brooklyn, I actually live in Manhattan — which means when this hipster heads to the Borough, I’m looking for something worthwhile and unexpected. A while back I was meeting up with a friend for drinks, and he suggested we head to Hotel Delmano.

I had never heard of the place, and instead of the usual Google stalking I do before I head somewhere, I figured I’d let this one be a surprise. And what a lovely surprise it was.

Double height ceilings, fine moulding, and a gorgeous bar that could’ve doubled as a set from Downtown Abbey. There were candles lit, so there was a warm, yellow light that was super inviting.

The drinks menu has a lot going on, so there’s really something for everyone. The bartender was friendly enough and helpful when I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. In the end, I went with the Devil’s Garden, a spicy, smoky concoction right in line with my love of spicy tequila drinks.

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