Serums are kind of my thing. You get a good one and your skin is taken care of with, more or less, minimal effort. Also they usually come in apothecary jars and let’s be honest, it makes me feel a bit like a mad scientist in a good way.

Herbivore Botanicals Nourish Facial Elixir as a pleasant surprise. It says for best results to use in the morning and night, about 3-5 drops, and I ended up using it as an overnight treatment. I’ll be honest, I’m really not a fan of how this smells. The rosehip is a bit too strong for me, and while it definitely doesn’t smell “bad” it’s just not what I want on my face first thing in the morning. But, the thing with all-natural products is that’s just kind of how it rolls out — the scent isn’t manufactured in any way, and I can deal with it since it still smells “natural.”

That said, I used this as an overnight treatment, and thought it worked wonderfully. I awoke to fresher, brighter looking skin, which is saying something, since my apartment is practically Sub-Saharan with old radiators that suck the moisture out of everything.

After cleansing my face like I normally do, I used a few drops and let it soak into my skin. Use the dropper to put it on your finger tips, rub a little bit across your other fingertips to help with application, and apply to your face. Super easy.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of the scent so I didn’t end up using it throughout the day, as is recommended, but I thought it was a great option if you wanted to do something for the night, when you’re obviously not really going to be noticing the scent.

Special thanks to Herbivore Botanicals for sending over a sample to review. Image c/o brand.

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