Boston is known for its universities, of which there are more than 60. I graduated from Emerson College, downtown on the Common, at the corner of Boylston and Tremont. I loved the school for its city atmosphere, and lack of the traditional campus set up. But every now and again I had a hankering for that quintessential college life, so I would venture to Harvard for just a taste.

No need for SATs to wander through Harvard Yard, the central part of the campus, where you can walk amongst the beautiful brick buildings and grab a seat beneath one of the many trees and watch the booksmart world walk on by. There are a bunch of dorms here, as well as four libraries and five academic buildings, so you really do get a mix of student life here, and a genuine taste for what the daily comings-and-goings of an Ivy Leaguer are like. All without the stress and homework, natch!

The Yard is about 25 acres, and is the oldest part of the university. Located smack in the middle of Harvard Square, it’s easy to find, and a feels like an entirely different world to wander through.

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