Harry’s Bar is famous for the legendary list of literati — Ernest Hemmingway and Truman Capote, for example — who’ve frequented the tiny space. Tucked down an alley just around the corner from Piazza San Marco, entering Harry’s is taking a step back in time. This is also the home to one of my favorite drinks in Italy, the Bellini. A champagne and peach nectar concoction, it’s truly amazing. My favorite Bellini memory is coming into Harry’s during Carnevale, and watching as men and women in extravagant costumes filled the tiny space. Quite the spectacle. So while it was probably one of the more expensive drinks of my life, at around 15€ for a small drink, it was definitely money well spent for the experience. Side note, there are bottles of “Bellini” that you can buy just about anywhere in Venice, and while they lack the atmosphere of Harry’s, they also lack the pricetag. They’re good for sharing with friends on an impromptu picnic, just make sure to ask for some plastic glasses when you pay, most stores generally have them.

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